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Disposable Gowns and Overalls

Our gowns and overalls, which are produced for use in medical/surgery areas or as (PPE) personal protective equipment, are made of SS or SMS fabric, which are soft, not easily deformed, robust, breathable and water-resistant non-woven fiber fabric types that do not cause discomfort during long period use. The fabrics used in our products are 100% (PP) Polypropylene, do not contain silicone and do not cause allergies. Lamination layer has been applied in half or full barrier gown types to increase protection against hazardous chemical liquids, body fluids and dusts. In zippered models, to minimize the danger exposed; a two-layer, hood covered zipper used with laminated fabric.

Elasticated ankle and foot seams are available for both easy dressing, limiting entry and exit and protection against liquids. In addition, woven fabric wristbands (on ribs) are used on the wrist area. The fabric joints are taped stitched to increase protection and minimize pilling and wire loss.



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Protective Properties

Gowns and overalls we produce; used for protection from less hazardous materials and prevention of  contamination. All medical products has been designed to protect medical experts and users from hazardous chemical liquid wastes that may splash on the person and simple toxins or virus particles in the air. Our products are category III and comply with the protective clothing standards detailed below against dust particles and certain liquid chemical/body fluid splashes.


TYPE 5: EN 13982-1:2004+A1:2010

TYPE 6: EN 13034:2005+A1:2009


EN 1149-5:2008

EN 530 Abrasion Resistance

EN ISO 7854 Flexible Cracking

EN ISO 9073-4 Tear Resistance

EN ISO 13934-1 Tensile Strength

EN 863 Puncture Strength

EN 1149-5:2008 Inner and Outer Surface Resistance


Protection: It acts as a barrier against particles, sprays and splashes.

Durability: Very resistant to tearing and abrasion. It preserves its structure under difficult conditions, so its protection performance does not decrease during use.

Comfort: Since the fabric used is permeable to air and water vapor, it allows the fabric to breathe. It is very light, soft and flexible.

Fiber Free: It is not lint because it consists of endless PP fiber.

Contamination Free: Made of high density pure polyethylene. It does not allow contamination (external contamination) since it does not contain filler, adhesive, binder or silicone.

Antistatic: Both sides of the fabrics used in production has anti-static properties. If the grounding is done correctly, the problem of electrification is eliminated.

Particle Barrier: It is an important barrier against the passage of particles and fibers, as it consists of completely pure and endless fibers.

Resistant to Chemical Splashes: Resists water-based chemical and body fluid splashes up to 0.12 BAR pressure.

Water Repellent: It repels inorganic liquids thanks to its superior smooth surface resulting from production and makes it difficult for solid particles to adhere / attach to the fabric.



S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

Fabric Type

SS Spunbond, SS Spunlace or SMS Fabric depending on Gown Type


63 -86 gr (*) It is the sum of the weight of the fabrics produced in m².

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