Metkon Tekstil

Production Quality


In METKON facilities, a product, even if a prototype/sample, is carefully analyzed by the Quality Assurance Team. After necessary warnings, employees carry out the pattern process and start production.

Our employees choose the right materials and right production techniques to avoid potentially unwanted situations from the very beginning. Problems faced during the production of samples shed light on the production stage and the analysis of these problems paves the way for a smooth & less problematic mass production.

During sample production the following aspects are checked down to the last detail:

Procurement quality inspection applied for all incoming fabric. Pattern and weaving checked against errors and faults. Inline sewing control applied for sample production. Washing controls and checks applied to find out any dying faults. Packaging procedures trimmed to fit best quality finish.

During production; the following is carefully implemented so that potential problems can be avoided before they occur while mass production. Additional accessories and fabrics checked in the planning department to ensure enough raw material kept ready. Final pattern, physical measurement and fabric shrinkage values checked by  the pattern department. Checking fabrics, cloth spreading and fabric defects after the cut by the cutting department provides additional control over cutting / pattern errors.

Our inspectors and product specialists carry out in depth inspections and prepare reports regarding every single product during and after the sewing process (from pitch setting to all other measurements). The quality of product measured before and after the washing test. In addition to quality control specialists working at the final packaging, washing process inspectors and product specialists also carry out the necessary inspections and prepare the relevant reports.

Our product specialists and packaging process inspectors thoroughly examine the following processes to avoid faulty products thread cleaning, ironing, measuring and packaging. 

Having adopted a zero-defect policy, our Quality Assurance Team checks every single product by putting them to measurement tests and reports the performance of quality assurance specialists.